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This site (www.joyboutique.gr) (hereinafter “site”) is the electronic Presence and the e-shop (hereinafter ‘e-shop) of the individual business with the name “PEACE MASTRODIMITRI”, with VAT 133798780, DOY Saint Dimitriou and, based in Agios Dimitrios Attica Road Bouboulina Number 6 (hereinafter ‘business’). You can contact the business via e-mail, at renelib@hotmail.com. Please carefully read the following terms of use that relate to Rights and the obligations of the business before using its services present site and e-shop. In case you do not agree with them, completely or partially, please do not use services and content them. Visit of this site as well as this e-shop, browsing and using of these content and the products or services available through these, as well as in any way true with them, involve the unconditional agreement of visitors/users/customers and the commitment comply with the following terms of use, which apply to all content included on the specific site and in that e-shop.
In case you need more information on terms of use of the present and the products of the business, as well as for any comment (including any complaints), please contact together At us at e-mail: renelib@hotmail.com.


1.1 The indicated terms of use, along with current prices, details Delivery and communication, as well as return policy, make up the agreement (hereinafter ‘Agreement’) concluded between the two parts, that is to say Buyer (hereinafter ‘client’) and on the other hand of the business, in order to supply the Business products to customer. Any reference by any third party Seller does not negate the terms of use of this site.

1.2 This site as well as this e-shop offers to all of them Visitors/users/customers, immediate information on the products sold by Business, their properties, as well as the ability to carry out the their purchases electronically by buying one of the available for sale at present e-shop products.

1.3 These Terms of Use are fully compatible with applicable European and Greek fair enough. The business reserves the right to modify or renew in writing the Content as well as these terms of use without warning, which will are in force from their post date on this site. Any changes made in the terms of use after your order will not affect the already current order, unless there is an obligation to be affected by Law. The invalidity or non -enforceability of any provision (in whole or in part) of the present terms, does not affect the validity or enforceability of other provisions

1.4 The control of the characteristics and suitables of the products that ordered, belongs to the sole responsibility of his visitors/users/customers present site. For this reason, consists of visitors/users/customers, such as stay up -to -date every time before buying them for any modifications of the terms that do not find them agree. The continued visit of present site as well as this e-shop, browsing and use of their content, as well as the products or services available through of these, even after any changes to their terms of use, are imputed to be unaware that they involve the unconditional on behalf of visitors/users/customers, Accept these terms, without any other action of the business. Otherwise, visitors/users/customers must abstain from Any transaction with the business. For this reason, if you do not agree With some change of terms of use, you should immediately stop your browsing on the site. 1.5 The non -exercise of any of the derived from these Terms of Use The rights of the business in no way implies a resignation from them.


2.1 Visitors/users/customers of this site as well as this e-shop, are personally responsible for using this site and this e-shop, as well as for all their activities within them. In the event of a breach of the Terms of Use, the business reserves the right to ban them access to These, both temporarily and permanently.

2.2 Use of this site as well as this e-shop should be doneexclusively by people who have full legal capacity. Further, the Visitors/users/customers should have all the required by law Conditions as well as the ability necessary to perceive the content of this document. The business bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damage that may result from the lack of ability to use this site as and this e-shop, as well as any errors, holidays, defects or delays in the operation of this site as well as this e-shop, and/or transmission through this information to the internet.

2.3 Visitors/users/customers are solely responsible for the correctness, the precision, validity and completeness of data and information that introduce and send to each transaction with the business through the present site as well as this e-shop, as well as for the proper execution of payment as soon as their order is accepted.

2.4 Customer exclusively undertakes to cover any damage of the business or affiliated business from the use of this site as and this e-shop and customer’s account from unauthorized the customer.

2.5 The business is not responsible for any charges that may resulting, in addition to those which are explicitly and categorically stated by the same that they will be covered. In particular, the business bears no responsibility for the way Access (use of a network or medium) by which each visitor/user/customer will choose to visit this site as well as this e-shop.

2.6 Visitors/users/customers of this site and this e-shop who make purchases via credit and debit cards, should register valid debit or credit cards whose legal holders and have the right to use and charge them. Under no circumstances the business is not liable to the legal holder of the card for any charge is made in she through this site and this e-shop.

2.7 This site as well as this e-shop is available exclusively for transactions with natural persons who deal with their personal use and for reasons who do not in any way fall into commercial, craft, business or their freelance activity.


3.1 Purchase as a visitor: By purchase as a visitor to this site, you will be asked to Post your current, accurate and complete details.

3.2 Registration as a Customer: By registering on this site, you will be asked to Post your current, accurate and complete details. The account code that you will register it should be unique and secret. For this reason you should immediately inform the business in case of unauthorized use of your account. Visitors who choose to create an account for the most complete provision of Services of this site are also committed to the information that information which provide regarding the information they are requested are true, accurate, valid and complete, as well as being committed to keeping and thoroughly updating items registering them so that they are kept true, accurate, valid, up -to -date and complete.

3.3 Users of this site holding an account remain exclusively Responsible for all acts carried out under their personal account them (User Account), while at the same time agreeing to notify directly and in writing with Email the business for any unauthorized Use their account for and for any of the occurrence and/or possible violation security. They are also solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their typical exit (sign out) at the end of each use. This site bears no responsibility for any damage or damage arise from any of the Reasonable user’s inability to respect and follow this term.

3.4 The business reserves the right to close accounts unilaterally, as long as it itself considers that they have been created for some malicious action or as long as the elements stated are not true or are a product of the spy and abuse.


In order to carry out any transaction through the electronic Our store www.joyboutique.gr and place product orders We will be requested to disclose some personal information on the part of the customer. When making the order, the full name will be requested, the Shipment Address of the Products, the billing address of the order (in case that is different from the shipping address), the pricing details (In the event of a payment with an invoice selected), the number of a phone Contact, your e-mail address and in cases where payment carried out by credit/debit card, the number, the expiration date of the card and the three -digit security code. Together with these items at Create a user account is also requested to password in these services. Your registration of your personal data means that you consent to data to be used by our company employees for their Reasons mentioned above. Credit card details are not stored in the company’s storage media During the transaction but are recorded directly in a secure environment of affiliated banks who have taken the cards Your personal data is very important to us. Because we respect the your confidence, we would like to ensure the security and privacy of the Personal data that you trust us. The electronic Store www.joyboutique.gr operates in accordance with the current Greek and Community legislation and safely keeps your personal data for as long as space you are registered in some of our service, which are deleted after in any way of ending the trading relationship. This policy (along with terms and conditions and our cookies policy) determines the basis on the We will process any personally recognizable information and Data (“personal data”) we collect from you or the (s) which (a provide us. This policy applies to websites, applications, tools, offers, any Email contact, login accounts and any Other services provided by us. Using the Joyboutique.gr website, having already created Account by filling in the personal format is considered to consent In use, on our part, of your personal data according to this policy. We do not knowingly collect personal data from children under 13 years, and in case we find out that we have collected or received personal data From children under the age of 13, we will automatically delete these data. It is our policy to publish any changes we make in politics Privacy on this page, which we recommend that you visit regularly To check if there are any changes. THE TYPE OF THE INFORMATION WE COLLECTED We collect information provided by you when you are recording new Member for receiving or using any of our services. For example, during Create an account of an account with us when you make an order Through our website joyboutique.gr when you sign up for an offer or register to receive announcements (newsletter). We collect information that is provided to us while connecting to your account you have created in joyboutique.gr through a third party application, through Social networking site (such as Facebook or Instagram, or through another website (such as promotion partner).

INFORMATION USE We will use the information we have in relation to your person with their Following ways:
1) To check whether you are entitled to access some functions,
2) To enable you to access and use the products that you choose to order,
3) For system management purposes,
4) To analyze the behavior of users and voltages, in order to improve and Understanding the way people are using our website,
5) To communicate with you
6) Delivery of order to your space
7) To confirm and identify the client in any case necessary
8) For new or alternative products offered by www.joyboutique.gr
9) For special offers of www.joyboutique.com, or for offers and new Company or for receiving gifts after a competition draw
10) In case you have requested it or to respond to any Messages have sent us,
11) In case it is necessary to inform you of any changes or updates on our services,
12) To send order confirmations and notifications, notifications or newsletters you have registered in, including those who sent to your mobile device,
13) In case you have selected it or as permitted by law, to send Marketing emails from some of our addresses about products us or our partners’ products. You can choose to be excluded from download of such emails by clicking the Remove Recovery Association which It is contained in their bottom. The personal data we collect when creating an account from you is Name, last name, address, email, phone, city, country and password. By creating an account, you will be able to shop faster, keep up to date for the status of your current order and keep track of the older Orders.
KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR EMERGES TO THIRD We will never transfer your personal data to third parties, although it can, In some cases, promote or provide your personal data to third parties in accordance with this policy or in case we are obliged to We do so by law. We may promote your details to selected third parties for purposes Edit your details on our part, or in case this is necessary to provide you with the product you have requested (eg affiliate shipping companies). For example, we may disclose the address your email to reliable third -party companies along with other data that collected by us in order to help detect trends and for Adaptation of www.joyboutique.gr products and any notifications We send you. We may promote your details to congenital companies for use according to this policy and the purposes mentioned above. It may also disclose your personal data if this is necessary for the Prevention, detection and prosecution of illegal or activities or illegal activities for which suspicions are suspected or to prevent another damage or as Answer to legal actions or for the purposes of claiming rights and Our requirements. In addition, we may also disclose your personal data whenever they are necessary for the purposes of enforcing our terms and conditions or other agreements, or to prospective buyers and to the final buyer in case of selling it www.joyboutique.gr (or part of our business). We may also promote anonymous aggregate use information to others. Storage All personal data you provide us are stored in safe Our servers. Regardless of the location, we take care to apply sufficient technical and organizational measures to protect the security of your personal Data. We limit access to your personal data to employees which we believe is legally justified to access the due to information to fulfill their duties and provide you with the products you requested. Unfortunately, transmitting information through the internet can never be completely safe. Although we will do our best to protect the Your personal data, we cannot guarantee data security you which are forwarded to our websites or other services of www.joyboutique.gr. Any transmission is at your own risk. After receiving Your personal data, we use strict procedures and featuressecurity to try to prevent any unauthorized access.
PARTY WEBSITES Services of www.joyboutique.gr may include links to Third -party websites in the future, in which you may be transported. We inform you that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites Third. We urge you to read the data protection statements/policies Each third party website to which you are connected by our services.
ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL DATA In accordance with applicable law, you have the right to find out what personally Data we have in our possession about your person at all times, either Get a copy of them. In case you wish to submit a request, you will You must submit it in writing to renelib@hotmail.com in mind ‘Legal Consultant. ” You have the right to ask us not to process your personal data For marketing purposes. You can exercise this right by contacting In our email: renelib@hotmail.com at any time. You can choose to Exclude from taking such emails by clicking the link Remove registration contained in their bottom. In case you are a user of our login service, you can manage Some of your information and personal preferences from the ‘Account’ section of our website.
COMMUNICATION WITH OUR If you have any questions about this policy please Contact us at email: renelib@hotmail.com.


This site as well as this e-shop use ‘cookies’ technology, in order to improve and facilitate your visit and browsing. The ‘cookies’ files are sent to your computer and recognize you as specified user, saving your personal preferences and techniques information. Cookies themselves do not contain or disclose personal information. By accepting these Terms of Use you are presumed to be syntactic and the above use of cookies. If you do not accept the use of cookies by the This site as well as from this e-shop, you can change the browser settings you so as not to accept cookies (instructions on how to change the settings of Cookies in your browser can be found in the Browser help section you use).


6.1. The characteristics of the products as well as the materials used for the Construction of these are described in detail on this site and in this e-shop. In every Case, for more information on the characteristics of Products and their construction materials, you can contact the renelib@hotmail.com.

6.2 The business reserves the right to modify or renew the available Products, their selling prices and other terms and conditions of trading without warning. The modifications or renewals of the products available, of prices of selling them and other terms and conditions of transactions will have validity from their post date on this site.

6.3 The site listed on this site and in this e-shop the product includes VAT. (24%). The business is not liability bears for any technical, typographical or spelling errors in characteristics or at product prices. In case a product has an unusual low price, without any particular indication that justifies it, please Contact us before ordering the product.


7.1 Orders through this site and this e-shop are synapses distance sales contract, which are governed by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994, as it is today, as well as the other existing Greek and European legislation. Visitors/users/customers of this site and present e-shop, have the ability to conclude a valid order, as long as they are legislatively capable of this (ie they have reached the age of 18 and do not be in court support for the conclusion of a contract sale). The business reserves for any legal claims from any Orders to be carried out by legal incompetent persons.

7.2 To complete his order through this site and this e- Shop, the customer must follow four (4) basic steps: A) LINK / SUBSCRIBE: Initially, the customer is asked to log in (log in) to the his / her personal account using username and code Password, otherwise, in case it is not already registered member, create a new account with its necessary details to conclude Contracting contract, committed to their correctness and legality. B) PRODUCT SELECT: Then the customer selects the specific codes Products he wishes to buy by placing them in the shopping cart. C) ORDER LIST: At this stage, the customer, taking knowledge of charge of the value of the products and the final payment price, is called to complete the required items to make the order (eg. method of payment, shipping method, shipping address, any order comments). In addition, to this stage the customer has the ability to correct any Errors, before registering his order. To proceed to the next Stage, the customer should accept the terms of the sale and use contract of the present. D) ORDER COMPLETE: Finally, the customer, accepting the terms of the contract selling and terms of use, completes his order by registering items depending on the method of payment selected. Upon completion of his order, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail with the Copy of his order, detailed description of the products that she includes as well as a unique order code, with which it can It monitors its evolution.

7.3 In a period of discounts, the customer has no right to request the change of products which were purchased in a regular sales period, with products that are located on sale. Products purchased during the discount period or someone Bazaar is not refundable and no refunds will be accepted.


8.1 to facilitate and serve all its customers, the business has their Following payment methods: A) Payment by credit or debit card: accepted by the business is the Payment via Visa and Mastercard cards. In the case of payment by credit or Debit Card, all necessary measures are taken to secure the safety of trading. By selecting this particular payment method, the customer will Transferred to a secure transaction environment of the affiliate bank Foundation, where he will be asked for all the necessary details of his card, ie Number, the expiration date as well as its three -digit security code. The charge it is carried out if the credit card validity is previously inspected, Certification of the details and availability of the balance so that it is sufficient for the Cover the value of the order. In case the transaction is rejected for Any reason, the order is not considered complete..B)
IN BANK ACCOUNT – Since you have chosen the deposit as a payment method in a bank account, then you should discount your order (and Any agreed costs e.g. transport) in order to start the process edit your order request and the commitment of products that included in it by us, in our company account displayed to the order form and e-mail you will receive as soon as the Your order, referring to your order code as reason. You should then send us a copy of the particular deposit through e-mail to renelib@hotmail.com . After receiving a valid copy of deposit Total amount follows the process of processing and confirmation Order and you are sent your relevant emails and/or messages on the mobile phone you’ve told us. In case of non -receipt of a copy within 3 calendar days or non -receipt of a valid copy of deposit of all the amount, your order will be canceled unauthorized and the sale contract will be considered as never drawn up. You will be sent a relevant message of cancellation of the request Order your e -mail address and/or mobile phone that you have told us. In case of cancellation or modification of your order Until the shipment of product (s) will be followed by interest -free procedure Return of your money after contacting you with one of the abovementioned ways of communicating (Article 3 C above) in order to give us the bank account number you wish to make the deposit. (C) By cash on payment of the payment amount when receiving the products. THE Customer’s order is completed and sent directly to the business and the Customer pays the payment amount at the order delivery point, only burdened for Greece at the relative cost of 5 euros, for Cyprus with the amount of 10 euros per order. When selected as a method of payment or Cash Customer is only charged with the costs of this option as they have been analyzed above and is not charged with shipping costs.

8.2 The order is sent by transferring the product/products that ordered from a partner with the shipping company within 10 days from the date of confirmation of the order. Shipping costs of Order is solely borne by the customer and depend on the postal Code of the Consignment Address of the order. A) For shipments within Greece with a total weight of up to 2 kg the customer is charged with Shipping costs of 3 euros (B) For shipments within Greece and if they exceed the total amount of 100 Euro and on the other hand, the deposit of a bank has been selected as a method of payment Account or Payment via pigment card the customer is not charged with expenses Shipment. (C) For shipments within Europe with a total weight of up to 2 kg, the customer is charged with Shipping costs of 15 euros (C) For shipments worldwide with a total weight of up to 2 kg, the customer is charged with Shipping costs of 25 euros (D) For other purchases shipping costs are depending on the weight of each order In any case of a significant delay in sending the order by part of the business, the customer will be updated by phone or by e-mail. The company no responsibility bears for the delay and/or non -order of order due to majeure of violence (eg of extreme weather, pandemic, etc.). In case the items entered by the customer in his order not It is correct, the business is not responsible for possible non -delivery order to customer. In the event of the order of the order, the expenses of Restoration is borne by the customer.

9. 9.1 Customer has the right to withdraw from its purchase within 14 days of the receipt of this, with the return of the original purchase document (proof Retail, invoice). In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer He has to inform the business, with a clear statement about his decision to withdraw from the contract before the above 14 -day deadline expires. For the reason this, complements the relevant withdrawal form that will find here and the Includes in the parcel to return or sends it completed in her e-mailBusiness (renelib@hotmail.com)). Returned product should not have used, to be in excellent condition, just as before the sale of and in its full initial packaging (packing box etc.) and with all the Contents of the original package, which should not have damage and/or lesions. The above right cannot be exercised for products which discounts or products on offer or have been ordered exclusively for the specific customer (personalized products). In case the above terms, or at least one of them, the business maintains its legal right do not accept the withdrawal of the customer from the sale contract.

9.2 In case the customer withdraws from the sale contract, depending on of the payment method of the order and the way in which it will take place its refund, the refund of the payment amount will be made within 14 days from the date the business will pick up the products, with the same means payment used for the original transaction, unless agreed Otherwise, and any additional expenses for the refund of the payment amount They are solely burdened by the customer. Any additional shipping costs due to customer selection (eg repayment), not included in Payment amount returned from the business to the customer. Return costs of order products in the business are solely charged Customer, otherwise they can be returned in person by the client, after Concerning the business with regard to the day and time of the meeting, at the business store in Agios Dimitrios on Bouboulina Street number 6 to omit the return cost.

9.3 In addition to the rights provided with the return policy, they are recognized, In any case, all rights applicable to consumers from applicable legislative provisions on the sale contract.


10.1 In case the customer wishes to cancel already complete order of, must within 48 hours of its completion, send an e-mail to Email of business (renelib@hotmail.com), entitled ‘CANCELLATION ORDER ‘, informing the business about it and necessarily stating Unique order code that he wishes to cancel. If the customer had select payment of a payment by debit card, or by deposit to Bank account, will be updated by e-mail by the business, to deposit of the payment amount on his card or account. If the customer had chosen different payment method, will be informed by e-mail by the business, for the Confirmation of the cancellation of his order. The business will handle cancellations and product changes every Friday. The business reserves the right to check the customer’s details and not serve him in the future, in case Repeated order cancellation observed and in any case over 3 times.

10.2 In case the customer wishes to change its product/products already its integrated order, may within 15 days of the date Receipt of his order, send a relevant e-mail to email address of the business (renelib@hotmail.com) entitled “CHANGE OF PRODUCT”, informingabout the business and necessarily stating her unique code Order and the specific/specific code/codes of its product/products, the/which/which he wishes to change. Customer has to return the product/products he wishes to change, without This/these have been used, in the excellent condition that has received them and in the its full initial packaging (packing box etc.) and with all contents of the original packaging, which should not have damage and/or lesions. The as above right cannot be exercised for discounts, products that have put on offer or personalized products for that customer. After the business receives the product/products of his/her order/whose/which/which The change wishes by the customer, in accordance with the above information to the Business, the latter will send him directly via e-mail, unique code Discount coupon total value equal to that of the product/product of which the customer wishes to change. Then the customer can conducted through this site and this e-shop new order with The/product/products he wishes by completing the above unique code Discount coupon to the point where it will be asked. The power of the above unique Coupon Discount Code is equal to 30 days from the date of shipment of. In the event of a product/product change, the business does not make Return to the customer, part or all of the payment amount. Shipping costs for the whole process of changing the product/product, They are solely burdened by the customer, otherwise they can be returned in person by the client, after consulting with the business With regard to the day and time of the meeting at the business store in Saint Dimitrios on Bouboulina Street in number 6 to omit the costShipment. In case of non -receipt or refusal of receipt of a product by the customer without previous written update of the business and for which it has been selected as Payment Method The Cash on Delivery The company retains its right to accept in Subsequent orders of this client only upon charging his debit card or deposit to bank account by excluding a payment method the pay on delivery.


No guarantee is provided by the business for continuous and uninterrupted access of its visitors/users/customers on this site and in this e-shop, given possible obstruction, even partially, due to random event and/or higher violence. The company is not responsible for any form of damage suffered by User/visitor of the site, services, options and contents of this site. It also does not guarantee that any internet -related site or servers and servers through which any relevant service is made available to User/visitor do not contain ‘viruses’ or other malware or other harmful components. In any case, it is recommended for all users to check that they have Installed and upgraded Protection Software.


12.1 All content of this site and this e-shop (indicative and not restrictively mentioned in images, texts, graphics, of designs of posted photos and videos of the available for sale at present e-shop of products, etc.) are the sole intellectual property of Business, which is exclusively beneficiary of them. Any copy, Play, processing or reselling all content of the present site and this e-shop or in any way or by any means misleading of the public regarding the actual provider of all content of the present e-site and this e-shop is expressly prohibited.

12.2 Forbidden any reproduction, redistribution, copying, distribution, Republished, download, appearance, posting or transmitting in any way or by any means of all of the content of this site and this e- Shop, which is protected in international conventions and provisions of European and domestic Greek law. Any reproduction, dissemination, transmission or any other use of the content in any way or medium for advertising, commercial or other purposes is only allowed with previous written permission of the business. Each infringement of this 5000 euros for each violation that the customer considers now fair reasonable and Absolutely analogous. The business reserves the right to claim for any violation of this and any additional damage that will occur (positive, consequential, etc.).

13. 13.1 All transactions made through this site and present e-shop, governed by international, European and domestic Greek law that It regulates issues related to e -commerce and distance sales.

13.2 The above terms of use of this site and this e-shop, as well as the rest Policy and procedures for the payment of products through this site and present e-shop, governed and interpreted by applicable legislation regarding e -commerce and distance sales. Any provision of the above terms becomes contrary to law, ceases to apply automatically and is removed from the present, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

13.3 For any difference arising and which stems from the conventional relationship between of the business and customer is implemented by Greek law while responsible for the Its resolution is the competent courts of Athens. For the out -of -court Resolving the dispute, the customer may be addressed to the competent bodies Out -of -court consumer disputes. Finally, it is noted that the Protection reserved by the provisions of the Law on Contracts Coalitions by Distance, as are these terms, applies solely to transactions with natural persons, who deal with reasons that do not fall under Any way in commercial, craft, business or freelance professional their activity.