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Back in the 90’s

Back in the 90’s, not that I can remember the exact point in time, but my childhood memories are where my journey began.

My brother and I playing in our parents’ huge warehouse that housed their clothing company. Hide and seek among the rolls upon rolls of material was our favourite! It was in this warehouse that my desire to create was born.

Whenever I came across scissors and fabrics I would try to create something out of nothing…which many times ended up in destruction rather than creation! There were no limitations to my imagination.

In April 2014 I opened my first clothes shop. It was mine and I was free to test what I had envisioned. Be it right or be it wrong, it didn’t matter, I was gaining experience. With the assistance of partners and colleagues the path was paved and led to where we are today.

However, something was missing back then. People who know me well, know that my favourite season is summer and I felt a strong desire to combine my two passions.

So, on the island of Evia, in Chalkida, a resort boutique was opened at a beach bar! Offering customers a taste of summer romance.

Fast forward to October 2021, in the midst of the global pandemic, I decided to take a risk and embark on something completely different. It took a lot of effort and love to open the art showroom where people are free to express themselves and use their creativity in any way they see fit.

It is a place where we make our Instagram stories. We are relaxed, we are comfortable, we have fun!!  A place where we make stories on Instagram and wear blazers while underneath we are too comfortable and relaxed with a slipper on our feet..

I could never have achieved all I have if I didn’t have the right people at my side. I have worked with many people over the years but it is Dora who deserves a special mention. She is more than a colleague, she is a friend and my muse. Together we create.

And my love of photography has come to the surface. Thanks to your love and support of our company on Instagram our next step, our e-shop is now here!

It may be unknown territory, but I know I will find my way. Creativity is infinite.

Our goal is to help you find your muse within.

Because Joy is an art…


Joyteam is here to present you items that are great for most occasions
and more importantly – boost your confidence!!