Payment Methods

To facilitate and serve all its customers, the business has their Following payment methods:

A) Payment by credit or debit card: accepted by the business is the Payment via Visa and Mastercard cards. In the case of payment by credit or Debit Card, all necessary measures are taken to secure the safety of trading. By selecting this particular payment method, the customer will Transferred to a secure transaction environment of the affiliate bank Foundation, where he will be asked for all the necessary details of his card, ie Number, the expiration date as well as its three -digit security code. The charge it is carried out if the credit card validity is previously inspected, Certification of the details and availability of the balance so that it is sufficient for the Cover the value of the order. In case the transaction is rejected for Any reason, the order is not considered complete..

B)IN BANK ACCOUNT – Since you have chosen the deposit as a payment method in a bank account, then you should discount your order (and Any agreed costs e.g. transport) in order to start the process edit your order request and the commitment of products that included in it by us, in our company account displayed to the order form and e-mail you will receive as soon as the Your order, referring to your order code as reason. You should then send us a copy of the particular deposit through e-mail to . After receiving a valid copy of deposit Total amount follows the process of processing and confirmation Order and you are sent your relevant emails and/or messages on the mobile phone you’ve told us. In case of non -receipt of a copy within 3 calendar days or non -receipt of a valid copy of deposit of all the amount, your order will be canceled unauthorized and the sale contract will be considered as never drawn up. You will be sent a relevant message of cancellation of the request Order your e -mail address and/or mobile phone that you have told us. In case of cancellation or modification of your order Until the shipment of product (s) will be followed by interest -free procedure Return of your money after contacting you with one of the abovementioned ways of communicating (Article 3 C above) in order to give us the bank account number you wish to make the deposit.

C) By cash on payment of the payment amount when receiving the products. THE Customer’s order is completed and sent directly to the business and the Customer pays the payment amount at the order delivery point, only burdened for Greece at the relative cost of 6 euros, for Cyprus with the amount of 12 euros per order. When selected as a method of payment or Cash Customer is only charged with the costs of this option as they have been analyzed above and is not charged with shipping costs.